3 Days Into The New Magic Hundred, Have You Achieved 3 Goals Yet?

April 29, 2009

Or have you even set 3 goals yet? Let alone the 100 the book asks you for..?

If not then don’t worry, remember you still have time, infact take a leaf out of Dax Moy’s book when the MAGIC HUNDRED was launched on Monday 27th April; it was late but it’s now live!

At 2:40am the MAGIC HUNDRED is now officially live and online at http://www.themagichundred.com/click.htm and Dax is over the moon to at last have it in place.

The new version covers all the material that really should have been
in the first version 2 years ago like:

==>Why You Need To Stop Using Your Story As An Excuse For Not Having What You Want

==>Behind The Scenes… The Secret Inspiration For The MAGIC Hundred

==>The Truth About Why You Don’t Already Have What You Want

==>Why Most Goal-Setting Programs Fail… And How You Can Avoid Their ‘Fatal Flaws’


==>The Little Known Goal-Killer You MUST Know About If you’re Serious About Becoming Successful

==>How A Famous Abraham Lincoln Quote Can Help You Create The Body Of Your Dreams…
…And Guarantee That All Of Your Other Goals Come True Too!

==>How To Build And Strengthen Your Relationships To Add New Depth And Meaning To Your Life

==>How To Finally Gain The One Thing That’s Keeping You From Having Everything You Want In Life

==>How To Generate All The Cash You Could Ever Want Faster Than Ever Before

==>How To Plug Your Life Back Into The Mains… And Crank Up The Juice!

==>How To Stay On Track, Keep Going And Make Sure Life Doesn’t Get In The Way


All of this is brand new and original content for the rewrite so you’re going to be amongst the first to see it.

Of course, you’ll also get the audio’s and the 100 days on stay-on-track emails that accompany the program as well as a bunch of other materials that Dax’ll be adding to the program each and every week to ensure you get the most out of it and achieve all of your goals.

And yes, you’re covered by a 60-day no-hassle guarantee meaning that if you don’t rate the program for any reason that you can get a full refund without any argument. : )

(Dax says he’d happily give you 100 days of guarantee but the merchant account he uses to sell it will only allow 60 days)


You see even if it was late, Dax still kept going and didn’t falter untill he had achieved his final goal, i mean after all the only way to become uinstopable is to not stop right…?

Imagine what would have happened if Dax stopped there and then, or even worse like most people; didn’t even get off the ground in the first place…

No new MAGIC HUNDRED for us to read and use to improve our lives; instead he used the ‘secret’ of goal achievement (to keep going) to forge ahead untill he had achieved what he set out to do.

So if you haven’t started, now is the time to do so.

If you’re 3 days in and only done one goal, NOW is the time to start another.

Remember it may only be a small step but as long as it takes you forward, who cares right, you’re still further towards the destination and further along the journey than before taking that step.

So go ahead, take that small step or giant leap and begin setting and achieving those goals today.

After reading this I hope you pick up a copy of the program and join me on the challenge. It’s going to be great fun : )

I’ll speak to you tomorrow ok?

To success and happiness

David Elcoate

P.S – if you haven’t got your copy of theMAGIC Hundred Challenge then go check out the excitement here : )

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Still Think Your Goals Are Too Big?

April 22, 2009

Getting lots of emails at the moment from people who’ve been reading the free chapter of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich that I gave away on the blog on tuesday. People are telling me that they love the book already, even though they’ve only had a taster.


I’ve also had a lot of people tell me that they really do want to believe in all this ‘goals stuff’ but that they’re afraid to dream big and stretch themselves to achieve their goals because the goals seem so unrealistically huge compared to where they’re at right now.

I understand.

Goals can seem that way at times.

That’s why it’s important to just stand back and gain a ‘big picture’ perspective on life sometimes.

Here’s what I mean…

See, whatever goals you’ve got in mind are tiny compared to what’s been achieved in the universe so far. The biggest thing you could possibly imagine achieving is but a speck. So despite that crushing vice like grip the fear seems to have on you, take a chance and dare to dream, set yourslf a target and aim for the stars. After all, what would happen if you did succeed…

So think as big as you like.

Think as big as you CAN!

Then get to work!

In health and happiness.

David Elcoate

P.S – Only 7 days left til the next MAGIC Hundred Challenge Begins… I’m Excited! : )

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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them With The Magic Hundred

April 21, 2009


Well, we’re now just 6 days out from the re-launch of The MAGIC Hundred and Dax has been sat there all morning rewriting the chapter on relationships with some cracking new material that wasn’t in the first copy of the book.

He’s really pleased with how it’s turning out! (Good job, huh? If the author didn’t like it then there’d be something really wrong) : )

He’s re-written EVERY chapter actually. Lot’s of new material that will make your journey through the program much more impactful than it already is with new exercises that’ll make keeping on track 100 times easier.

==> http://www.themagichundred.com/click.htm

Remember, if you already have a copy of the program you’ll be getting your brand new updated program at midnight on Sunday for free. If you just recently bought it or are thinking of buying it then don’t worry, you’ll get the free upgrade too : )

If you HAVEN’T got it and are hovering around the idea then let me remind you that the program price increases to $97 on Monday to reflect all the new additions and ‘goodies’ Dax has put into the program. That means that the very same program that He’s going to upgrade for free on Sunday will cost you $37 MORE on Monday so hey, don’t hang around and pay more because of procrastination ok?

==> http://www.themagichundred.com/click.htm

Anyway, enough of that shameless self-promotion : )

Do your fancy some freebies?

Of course you do….!

Here’s a bunch of great (well, I think they are!) things Dax has been sharing over the last week:


Here’s a free chapter of think and grow rich http://tinyurl.com/dzcgao


Here’s a motivational video that you’ll LOVE (Turn your speakers up!) http://www.magichundredpower.com/index.html?david(change the name on the end of that link and send it to your loved ones or friends to make their day)


Here’s a video to that’ll put even your biggest goals in perspective http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSJRg54qdLQ


And here’s a MAGIC Hundred audio seminar http://tinyurl.com/cnm6s2  that Dax recorded with one of his coaching groups last year.


All yours!

What’s the catch?


There isn’t one. They’re all genuinely free and you’ll notice you don’t have to sign up to any lists to get them. I’m sure you’ll get a lot from them all, as well as from some of the other goodies that are on their way in the next few days.

Now don’t hang around, get on over there and grab them all!

Speak soon

David Elcoate


P.S – He’s  re-writing the financial success chapter next. Going to be a good one.


How To Think And Grow Rich With The Magic Hundred

April 17, 2009

Well, most of you seemed to guess right, despite my red herring on the date : )

The book that started the whole chain reaction of all of Dax’s subsequent success was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I can’t tell you more strongly how influential the book was at putting on the journey toward developing the mindset of an action-taker and subsequently for putting Dax on the path to reading, studying and taking action on the many goals that I’ve gone on to achieve over the last 8 years.

I’ve read it myself and it has inspired me to take action towards whatever I truely want in life and to strive on, no matter what else may be happening, you never give up on that purpose or dream in your head.

It’s a truly amazing read.

Which is why I want to give a copy of the book as a gift. Well, the first chapter at least as this sets the stage for developing the mindset of a winner. The mindset you’ll need to develop if YOU want to achieve the goals and dreams you’ve been thinking about for ages but, well, never gotten around to.

think and grow rich from Dax Moy

All you have to do is pop on over to my think and grow rich download page and grab it now. Don’t worry, you won’t have to opt in to any lists or anything, just grab the first chapter of this amazing success classic with my compliments by way of thanks for being reader of my blog and putting up with my mad ramblings : )

Just promise me one thing ok?

Promise me you’ll actually READ IT!

You see, it’s no accident that practically every seriously successful person you’ve ever heard of has a copy of this book on their bookshelf. But they didn’t get successful from owning the book alone. The had to read it and then ACT upon what they read.

It’s only the action that brings these timeless principles to life, but we’ll be talking more about that in the days ahead, but for now just pop on over, grab the book, read it and pay attention.

Remember, this might be one of those critical moments in your life, just like it was for me. You never know, which is why you have to pay attention, right? : )

Truth, joy and love

David Elcoate
The Fastest Goal Achievement Program On The Planet!

P.S – Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a few things Napoleon Hill forgot to mention in his masterpiece ; )

How To Change Your Life In One Short Step

April 16, 2009

Dax has been re-writing a few sections of The MAGIC Hundred today in order to update a few of the chapters with things he’s learned since he originally launched the program in January 2007.As he was writing away, it dawned on me how much his life has changed in the 2 short years since the program was released and how a simple decision at one moment in time can DRASTICALLY alter the hundreds, thousands and even MILLIONS of moments that follow.You probably know what he’s talking about as it’s happened to all of us, but he’s got to tell you, when he started out with his ‘little idea’ all those years ago (even before he wrote the program) he had no idea where it would eventually lead him. No idea at all!

When he left the regular army about 8 or 9 years ago he had nothing.

No qualifications (he’d left school at 16 without taking his exams), no money (he was completely broke) and no obvious means to get either. To make matters worse, he had a young wife, 3 young kids and another one on the way, and nothing remotely approaching the slightest hint of how he was going to support them, let alone give them the things that every father and husband wants to provide for their family.

He was living in high crime council accommodation on a housing estate in North London (in what in the U.S would be known as ‘projects’) and claiming social security benefits in order to pay the bills and get by and dreaming of ways to improve upon our situation so that we could give our kids some of the better things in life.

he took many temporary jobs including bodyguarding, roadsweeping and even working in sewers in order to get the little bit of extra cash we needed and supplemented my income with my Reserve Forces pay from my territorial army unit weekends, camps and courses, but as fast as he was able to earn a little money it seemed to be eaten up on bills of every conceivable type so that, no matter how hard he worked, he was never able to get ahead.

It was frustrating to say the least but, like most people, it was a frustration he just had to learn to tolerate. After all, his bills had to be paid, right?

Then one day after an army weekend, he noticed one of the other guys in his patrol was reading a book in the back of the truck on the way home. He was coming to the end of it and as he finally turned the last page he glanced up and noticed Dax looking in his direction. Seeing Dax was bored he offered him the book, which Dax gratefully took and in that moment… started a chain reaction of events that would totally transform his life!

I’m not exaggerating.

He read that book all the way home, persuaded his patrol-mate to lend it to him until later in the week and took it home and read, and read and read.

Now, what was surprising to him was that this wasn’t a new book. It was old. REALLY old, like 1920’s, yet as he read through it he felt as though it had been written specifically with him in mind as it described many of the very things that he had been going through and, more importantly, why.

It told him to hold a major definite purpose uppermost in your mind, pursue it with all vigor and not to quit on it until you accomplished what I’d set out to accomplish.

So he did!

He’d always had an interest in fitness and having boxed, done martial arts and been a soldier, knew that he was naturally gifted in this area as well as passionate. He’d seen ads posted for gym instructor jobs but when he enquired they told me to go get a civilian qualification and they’d consider employing me. Trouble is, he didn’t even have the £325 he needed for the YMCA gym instructor course, but the book said that he shouldn’t let that put me off, so I set about getting a bunch of temporary jobs to raise the cash.

Eventually he did the course, got qualified and went back to the gym where they told me they only had work for me for 2 hours a week in the shifts that no-one else wanted and that the pay was a measly £5 an hour. he took the job and again, changed the course of his life.

In short, that job led to him becoming a personal trainer, becoming a trainer led him to owning his own studios, owing my own studios led to him working directly with people like Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale from The Secret and working with those guys led to me writing the MAGIC Hundred Goal Achievement Program which sold over $107,000 in the first 7 days of launch and that has led to me traveling the world, speaking at international events and teaching his own rapid goal achievement philosophy to thousands and thousands of people.

Since making that first teeny-tiny decision to read that book instead of going to sleep like his patrol-mates, literally EVERYTHING about his life has changed and he finds himself in the weird and rather unlikely position of being some kind of ‘goals guru’ to people from all around the world who he’s never even met and earning more money than he ever thought he’d earn whilst traveling the world and having all kinds of adventures.

It’s very strange indeed!

Nice, but strange : )

He now lives the kind of life that he’d only dreamed about before with travel all over the world to jungles, deserts and arctic wastelands as well as luxury hotels, secluded islands and all manner of other places that he’d only ever seen in books before he started on this amazing journey that his life has become.

But looking back at how he got to this point in his life and the opportunities he now has before him, all he can honestly say is it all started with reading that one book. It’s as though that one decision was like setting a compass bearing just slightly off course to the original path he’d been on at the time, yet which over the weeks, months and years has moved far off the original course to deliver him to the place he’s at now.

I guess you’re wondering ‘What’s this got to do with me?’ right?

Well, nothing I guess…


You see, just as Dax’s own life has been created by each of the decisions he’s made along the way, so has yours.

Everything you’ve experienced so far is the result of the decisions you’ve made (or failed to make) up to this point.

That’s a fact.

The good news is that that means you can also decide where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to be just by the simple and straightforward act of making a decision right now. I mean LITERALLY right now!

Just choose to act on something you’ve been putting off, something you’ve been ‘thinking about’ or something that’s been tickling away at the edge of your mind and you too could find yourself living the life of your dreams in some not-too-distant future.

I mean it.

It happened to him so why not you?

Make a decision TODAY my friend.

Set a new course!

In health, wealth and happiness.

David Elcoate

P.S – I almost forgot, I bet you want to know what that book was that started off Dax’s magnificent adventure, right?

Put your best guess below and He and I will tell you tomorrow : )

(I know, nasty huh?) : )

The Secret Behind The Movie The Secret

April 15, 2009

Well, Dax promised he’d be back ‘tomorrow’ and it’s been a week.

A family emergency got in the way and he was unable to get back to us and share some more of his goal achievement ‘secrets’ but he’s finally back with another interesting and thought provoking message to help us achieve your goals faster.

Today he’s answering the most common question that his thousands of readers often ask about goal achievement and success.

“When Should I Begin?”

Believe it or not, it’s a really common question!

People are of the belief that there is some special ‘buildup’ they have to go through in order to achieve what they want or that they have to ‘prepare’ or ‘get ready’ or have all their ducks in a row before they can finally go after what they want.

They tell themselves they’ll start to pursue their goals…

…next week
…next year
…when the kids get out of school
…when the kids go back to school
…when there is more time
…when things settle down
…when there are less bills
…when there is more money
…when the moment it right

And all the while they delay the pursuit of those things that would make them happiest because of… something. Some ‘reason’ for why they couldn’t possibly go after their goals right here, right now.

So here’s Dax’s answer.

(I think you know it already) : )

Start right here, right now with whatever resources you have at your disposal to build the life that you most dream about having.

You see, you can carry on dreaming about the things you want or you can do something about them.

You can let the daily routine of your current life run the show or you can make the changes you want to see.

You can keep putting off and delaying your happiness until ‘someday’ or you can begin doing the things you know you are capable of doing TODAY!

The choice is yours.

You have the power to choose.

You see, it’s all too easy to fall into the same old routine of saying to yourself ‘someday I’ll do it but right now I just have too much on my plate’.The truth is, you will ALWAYS have tons of things to do, tons of people to see, tons of places to go, chores to be done and bills to be paid.

That’s life for us all, right?

But if you don’t at least START building the life of your dreams, regardless of how busy, tired, stressed, broke you are then you stand zero chance of ever getting there don’t you?

So start today my friends.

Start today.

You don’t have to do much. You don’t have to change the world in an afternoon. Just change one thing. Do one thing different to how you did it yesterday and you’ve begun to move your life on a different course. This is the REAL ‘secret’ of goal achievement.

It’s taking action.

But you knew this already, right? : )

David Elcoate

P.S – What one action are you committed to taking TODAY? Write it in the comments area… I dare ya! 🙂

What The Secret Didn’t tell you

April 6, 2009

Have you seen the movie The Secret?

If you have you’ll know that it practically became the goal-achievement ‘bible’ overnight due to it’s very simple, yet very powerful message about how you can be, do and have practically anything in life that you want as long as you do one or two key things.

They are:

1. Think about what you want on a regular basis
2. Think about it positively

That was it really. That was the ‘secret’ of The Secret!

Now, I’m not knocking this at all, far from it. First off, most people (myself included) can be really unfocused and unclear about what they want and spending some time focusing can be really beneficial, right?

And thinking positive, well, that’s just obvious isn’t it? After all, going through life with a dark cloud over your head is not really going to help you feel good about even STARTING your goals, let alone achieving them is it?

So I’ve no real problems with the advice that The Secret shares, it makes sense and, truth be told, thousands of people have already gone on to achieve great things as a result of following this simple advice, but again, there are a lot of people who couldn’t seem to make it work for them and are now dismissive of the who goal achievement ‘thing’.

Maybe you’re one of them?

I certainly used to be.

I tried thinking positive and holding my goals in my thoughts but still, the bills piled up and the same old hassles that were always in my life before were still there so I did what most people would do. I gave up the whole goal-setting thing as a waste of time.

That is until I came across (yet another) goal achievement program that was saying some things that were very different to what I’d been hearing from the thoughts become things crowd.

In fact, this program said that thoughts DON’T become things, but rather, they could become things, but not necessarily.

It jokingly explained that if thoughts really did automatically become things
then most teenage boys would materialise pretty young girls into their bedrooms. After all, this is what’s on their minds most of the time, right? : )

Sounds funny, I know, but it struck a chord. After all, if thinking clearly of something that’s important to you, holding it in your mind and thinking about it a lot works to bring goals to life, then it should work, right?


And as to thinking positive…

I’d always been told that thinking positive was a critical step to making your goals come to life, but again in this program I was told that this simply wasn’t true. After all, if being positive made your goals come to life you should be able to sit in the middle of a busy road, smile and say ‘I won’t get hit, I won’t get hit, I won’t get hit” and sure enough, all the trucks will completely miss you.

Not a strategy that I think I’d like to try : )


It all makes sense doesn’t it?

The idea that you can’t just put on a happy face, think about your goals and have them come to life?

I think so anyway : )

So what’s the real ‘secret’ to goal achievement?

Well, I guess it’s simply that there isn’t one. Not as in one hidden thing that once exposed will bring your goals to life. It’s more a case of having a strategy that is proven to work rather than relying on hope or wishful thinking.

What’s the strategy?

It’s coming… I promise!

In fact, I’ve persuaded Dax Moy, author of The MAGIC Hundred to spill the beans right here on my blog over the next week so DEFINITELY stay tuned.

Speak soon!

David Elcoate


The Secret(R) is a registered trademark of TS Production LLC.

93 Days In, Have You Completed 93 Goals?

April 3, 2009



What were you doing 93 days ago?

I know, funny question, but there is a point, you see, today is day 93 of 2009 which means that 94 days ago you were celebrating New Year’s Eve and, like most people, you were setting up your New Year’s Resolutions and goals.

And look, here we are at day 93 already.

Time goes by pretty quick, huh?

But I’m not just mailing you to act as some kind of timekeeper or clock-watcher, rather I wanted to share with something that I’ve been thinking about a lot this week.

You see, it recently dawned on me that, we’re already approaching the end of the first quarter of 2009 and that many of the goals I’d set for myself this year haven’t even been started. In truth, many of them haven’t even been thought about.

It’s not like they’re not important to me. They are, many of them would REALLY change my life for the better if I could bring them to life but, well, I just haven’t seemed to get around to them.
I bet you’re the same right?

I bet you have a huge list of things that you KNOW would absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt change your life for the better, yet you haven’t taken a single, solitary action on them, right?

Weird isn’t it?

For instance in my own life I know that these goals are important to me:

1. Setting up my online empire including: my affiliate blogs for magic hundred, fat loss, back pain, personal training and recruiting my team of experts to form my own continuity product where all i do is one time set up with them writing all the content. – I recently Injured my ankle and as a self employed person I was left with No income, at least on the Internet I can still sell even when I’m out of commission.

2. Tell my Fiancée (Jamie) I love her daily and mean it. – I spent 2 years mucking around and screwing around with her feelings, I NEVER want to do this ever again. I now realise just what she means to me adn i want her to understand that too.

3. Be honest, but never harsh.– In the above scenario I lied to myself, to my partner, to my parents, to my friends. I NEVER want to do that again, in the long run honesty wins out always.

4. Get my Personal Training Business up and running hitting 20 sessions per week, with them all engaging in my community – I start a new JOB in Basildon Essex and I plan to make this into a community not just a job.

5. To spend one night in per week with Jamie (DVD, cook a meal)  and one night out with her (cinema, meal, park)– Everything counts, in all areas of life. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise; you get one shot, one chance, don’t sell yourself short by not making the most of every opportunity, large or small.

Most likely you’ve got a bunch like this too haven’t you?

For example, what financial goals did you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve?

What about your health goals? I KNOW you had a bunch of those!

How about adventures? We all want to travel more and experience more and I bet you had set some goals in this department, right?

Not to mention relationships, education, family and career goals.
I bet you had a bunch, yet where are you with them?

That’s not a rhetorical question, I mean it. Where are you with these goals?

Did you achieve them as you said you would?

More to the point, did you even START them?

I know that I didn’t even BEGIN many of the goals I set at the start of the year. I know they’re important to me, I know they’ll change my life in more positive ways than I can even begin to tell you but for some strange reason, I haven’t even begun to chase them yet.

Like I said, weird.

So look, I’ve got this mad, crazy idea.

I want to help you achieve YOUR goals over the course of this year and I want you to keep ME on track. Sound like a fair deal?

It starts today!

Tell me what your most important, most pressing goals are and I’ll tell you mine and (hopefully) together we can see 2009 through in great style.

Of course, you could simply ignore this and pass it off as silly but, well, that’ll just mean that the next 76 days are just like the first, and the ones after that, and the ones after that.

I need help to bring my goals to life.

So do you.

So let’s do this!  To everyone’s success..


David Elcoate

P.S – I got my idea for this email from my friend Dax Moy, Author of The MAGIC Hundred. I’m glad he kicked me in the butt today : )


Mindset, Goals And Dedication – The Negativity Mindset

February 5, 2009

Hey guys and welcome to my blog on the psychology of success and the success Mindset.

This is a basic re-launch of my magic 100 site where  initially started with Dax Moy’s magic one hundred program,yet like a lot of things on my life recently  started strong with grand ideas and possible dreams of grandeur and sadly failed to finish.

Who’s to blame? Well….. Like many others i could say it was the snow in the UK right now, it was to do with the economic climate, was it to do ith the interstellar alignment of Venus and the sun? Or… How about it was due to my own limiting beliefs, the words and emotions i used to describe my goals, dreams and aspirations or the fact that i lacked the persistence to continue and achieve what i wanted?

I’d love to say it was anything other than me….

Except that would be a lie!!!!!!

Something I’ve promised recently is to be totally honest no mater what, even if it puts me at a perceived disadvantage, I Know long term that being truthful is the only way forward. Yes yes, i know it’s hard, let me ask you about the consequences of being dishonest coming back to bite you in the butt, fancy having to explain or apologise for any of those….

One of the reasons i’m starting this blog is because I’ve been trough a lot of the goal setting programs around, read a hell of a lot on being positive, the law of attraction,the secret, thoughts become things, focus on what you want, take consistent action, blah blah, blah…

Now I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, in fact I know it does. My main issue, in fact y rant with it will be the fact that very few if any actually cover the negativity side of things, there is a load of literature on the benefits of being positive, yet unless you’re clinically depressed or borderline psychotic it seems people don’t want to talk about it?

Sometimes it’s like they even deny the fact that it exists, well what about those proof us that want positive but have become embroiled in the negative, do they just get given up on? Well balls to that, let’s start a blog about negativity and affects it has on us

I have recently had a bout of a spiritual awakening thanks t some amazing books, amazing friends and an even more amazing girlfriend.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you guys more about it.



If you want to take part in the Internet’s fastest way to achieve 100 goals in 100 days then click HERE to check out the magic 100 goal getting system.

P.S. try my friends home based Internet business out http://mylesh.unifiedwealthsolutions.com/111


Are YOU Powerful Beyond Measure?

January 22, 2009

I’ve always loved the quote ‘Our Deepest Fear’ from Marianne Williamson’s ‘Return To Love. It seems to sum up so many powerful rules for being successful and happy that I’ve always felt it to hold serious power in its own right too.

It certainly serves to inspire me anyway.

Just remembering the how powerful you really are is no bad thing right?

How about Believing it, even better, right?

Watch this excellent short video from the movie ‘Coach Carter’ to get an instant shot of this powerful motivational quote.

Great isn’t it?

It sends chills down my spine every time I hear it and invigorates me every time I’m in need of a little boost myself (yeah, it happens : ) ).

Here are the words… just in case!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Print it off, pin it to your fridge, tape it to your PC, carry it in your wallet… get a tattoo : )

Just keep it near you and read it daily… it’ll change your life!

Till next time